North Country Veterinary Services, P.C.

4592 US Route 11
Pulaski, NY 13142


About Us


To provide high quality animal health and wellness services to assist your animals in living longer, happier, healthier and more productive lives. 

To provide clients with access to leading edge products and services and authoritative educational content. 

To provide our large animal clients with the health care for their animals that will make them the healthiest and most productive possible. 

Oswego & Pulaski Offices

Oswego Office

Pulaski Office


Dr. Lew Watson established the practice in Pulaski in 1957.   Dr Court Howard joined him in 1969, and the practice was known as Watson and Howard.  It spent some years as Watson, Howard and Oliver with Dr Reid Oliver as the third partner, and the name was changed to North Country Veterinary Services in the early 1990s when Dr. Dave Brooks became the fourth partner.  In 1977, with three veterinarians working for the office, a satellite office was opened in Scriba, NY, and in 1994 a much larger Pulaski office was built, across the street from the original office and Dr. Watson’s home.  Dr. Watson retired in 2002, and Dr. Deborah Windecker took his place as a partner.  In 2010, Dr. Howard retired and Dr. Sue Odre became a partner in 2011. 

In our practice today, the Managing Veterinarian, Dr. Debra Windecker, works with ten associate veterinarians, for a total of 11 veterinarians: Dr. Reid Oliver, Dr. David Brooks, Dr. Suzanne Odre, Dr. Virginia Hoskins, Dr. Jim Sprole, Dr. Alexis Stambaugh, Dr. Jessica Clark, Dr. Rebecca Dallam, Dr. Tori Kocsis, and Dr. Laura Sherman.  Our veterinarians have 192 years of combined experience.   The veterinarians are assisted by a support staff of 29 people, including 12 veterinary technicians.