North Country Veterinary Services, P.C.

4592 US Route 11
Pulaski, NY 13142



Odin, checking in for his appointment in our Oswego office.

Pulaski & Oswego Reception Area

This is where our patients are greeted by our friendly receptionist staff.  All of our patients records are kept here.


Waiting Rooms

Each office has two waiting rooms.  One for dogs and a separate room for cats (our cats really appreciate their own waiting room).  The dog waiting rooms have scales so that we can weigh them before being seen by the veterinarian.  Each waiting room also has a TV monitor playing DVDs about caring for your pets and their health.  Our waiting rooms also have many informational pamphlets, as well as lost and found pet boards.



Each office has four exam rooms.






We provide ultrasound service and telemedicine consultations with board certified radiologists.  We are able to take and develop digital radiographs (aka. "x-rays") with our state of the art xray machine and Computed Radiography unit.  Anesthesia machines are used to anesthetize patients.  Similar machines and agents are used with people.  Our Licensed Veterinary Technicians are aided in montoring a patient during surgery with pulse oximetry and respiratory monitors.




Each office has large kennel runs for our larger patients, as well as smaller kennels for our smaller patients.  Each patient has their own kennel and is well cared for by our kennel attendants, technicians and entire staff.