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The incidence of Heartworm Disease is high in Oswego County and the surrounding area.  Therefore, it is extremely important that all dogs be placed on heartworm preventative from at least May through November.  The following is a summary of our policy in regards to testing and administration of preventative.  These recommendations are partially based on those that the American Heartworm Society has made in their 2007 Guidelines.  They have an excellent web site at


  • Puppies born during periods of no heartworm transmission need not be tested prior to the start of heartworm season the following spring, i.e. pups born after November 1st need not be tested before their first preventative medication the following May 1st.

  • Puppies greater than 8 weeks of age should be started on preventative if born during heartworm season (May through November).

  • All dogs that have been through a heartworm season and have not been on preventative should be tested prior to starting preventative.


  • As lack of effectiveness of all the preventatives have been reported, annual retesting is an important part of ensuring prevention!  It should be noted that there is a guarantee from the drug companies that if your dog becomes positive after administering the preventative purchased from your veterinarian, the drug company will be responsible for the cost of treating your pet.

  • Since heartworm preventative is a prescription drug, legally a valid client-patient relationship must be in place.  This means that your pet needs to be seen by us on a regular basis in order for us to prescribe the preventative.

  • Please call ahead for your preventative to help avoid waiting.

Heartworm disease is complicated to manage, but easy to prevent.

If you have questions, please let us know.