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Wellness and Preventive Medicine

We provide vaccinations specific for your horse's circumstance, physical exams, oral examinations and dentistry. 


We are willing to consult with other equine health professionals regarding your horse's circumstance, i.e. veterinary specialists and farriers.

We also perform pre-purchase examinations for those horses you are considering for purchase. These examinations can include radiographs, ultrasound, and blood work.

Now Offering!

We are now offering a way to add great preventive care services for your equine friends along with their spring vaccinations at reduced prices! There are two packages available, both with $50.00 savings, that will be offered from March 1st, 2021 to May 31st, 2021. Additional add-ons can be purchased at a discount with the package deals; all services must be performed same day and paid for at time of service.

Show/Boarding Package - $225.00+FC

-Physical Exam, EWT/WNV/Flu/Rhino, Rabies/PHF, Fecal, Coggins

Basic Package - $160.50+FC

-Physical Exam, EWT/WNV, Rabies/PHF, Fecal

Call us for more details and to schedule your appointment! 315-298-5141