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North Country Veterinary Services

Dairy Cows and Beef Cows

At North Country Veterinary Services, we service dairy farms and beef farms to make sure that your cow is healthy.


Dairy Cows

We service dairy farms ranging in size from 20 milking cows to over 1000 milkers.  We schedule routine visits to the farms depending on each farm's needs--large farms weekly or every other week; smaller farms monthly.  At these regularly scheduled visits we do reproductive examinations for pregnancy and sterilty; examine any sick cows or calves, work on any lame cows and/or dehorn calves.  We also discuss and work with each individual producer on any concerns or questions that arise.

In addition to the regularly scheduled visits, we provide service for the individual problems that may occur between the scheduled herd visits.  As well as emergency services 24 hours a day for such problems as milk fever, calving complications and uterine prolapse.

Beef Cows 

While we do not have any large beef operations in this area we offer the same services for beef cows as for dairy cows on a whole herd as well as an individual basis.